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When a couple of mommy-friends started on themed-play, I could not resist the temptation to do one up for my lil Umar Khalif. It was definitely an enriching experience, not only for him but also myself. As I try to expose Umar Khalif with the bugs and their special characteristics, I was in awe myself how these bugs function daily. I mean, do you know that cockroaches are the fastest runner among all of the bugs? No wonder there was a malay proverb that goes – “Lari macam lipas kodong” (Translation: Run like a handicapped cockroach) which means one runs so fast. Do you know why we are advised against eating food inhabited by flies despite the facts that they are full of bacteria and frequent unhygienic places? It is because flies vomit on their food before they ingest them. I know sounds yucky but an amazing information nonetheless. I can go on and on about these bugs and till today (when the theme is already over) I still use some phrases with bugs in my conversation with him like “Wow! You are running as fast as a cockroach!” or “You jumped so high as high as a flea that can jump 100 m its height!” It makes him giggle like as if I just told him the funniest joke ever. 😀

As a prelude to the theme, I brought him to the Singapore Science Center – MEGABugs! Exhibition. It was definitely a treat for him because these bugs are not only MEGA heeeeyugeeee but it gives a good visual how these bugs looks like. We also brought him to watch BUGS! 3D – A  Rainforest Adventure. He sat through it during the first 20 minutes with his 3D glasses on. With a no-screen time, it was definitely a treat for him, at least for a while. However, I think the 3D images became too intimidating for him as the bugs seemed closer in proximity than usual that he refused to have it on for the rest of the show.

Life’s not complete without water play. 😉

We did a number of crafts in a span of 3-4 weeks.

We did role-play of a weevil and a bumble-bee flying around the world in 30 seconds. 😛

Role-playing a weevil using a straw as his snout!

My little bumblebee traveling the world in 30 seconds!

He is role-playing a butterfly by flapping his hands like the wings of a butterfly.

For Science Play we did parachuting of a ladybug since he totally LOVE the parachuting sheep in “Where is the Green Sheep by Mem Fox“.

The poor ladybug was thrown down over and over again. 

We also did “Find the BUG card” game at the corridor. (One of the days when I was too tired to prepare for anything.

Of course, the game will not be interesting without trying out his Nenek’s footwear at the same time. 😀

We also read lots of BUG books which we loaned from the library and from Mommy Aida.

The two books which he really enjoyed is the BUG IQ (Smart Kids) which I found from a neighborhood bookshop and Dragonflies by Robin Nelson from the library. (Did you know that a baby dragonfly, nymph, eats fish?)

On the last few days, we had some bubble foam play with the water table. (I had to clean the water table as it was still quite sandy so thought playing while washing will be a better idea.) We played fishing for bugs!

Bet this is his favorite part of the activity.

Here was our final set-up. I can definitely do better.

Bugs Theme final set-up. It was not done in a day because his Ummi is fickle like that. 😛

Umar Khalif inspecting his bugs corner and his artwork. 

During the day, we will play the audio CD that came along with a Barefoot Book – Creepy Crawly Calypso. Bedtime stories is either a bug book of his choice or selected stories from the book – Goodnight Stories from the Quran.

Hoping the next theme will be as enjoyable or better than this.  I am trying to make use of all possible spaces I have around the house for the next theme. I am also looking forward to play more songs on my ukelele as well as improve on my story-telling skills.  It is still work in progress but I’ll get there, InsyaAllah. 😉

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