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Because 3 is a special number

The first two years before our lil son, Umar Khalif, made a grand entrance, it was an awesome two years of our life. Our late night dates, random suppers and not forgetting our weekend stay cations. Household chores were very manageable. It was not any less awesome when our Umar Khalif came into our lives. It was just… different. From 2 became 3. It was what I would say a different ballgame altogether. Truth be told, it was not a smooth sailing journey. I suddenly became an early-riser which in return, the incessant whinings of not enough sleep. Getting a shower was a wonderful 5-10 minutes retreat from the world I belonged to. I get to daydream and let out a big sigh and enjoy the shower running through my spine. It was heaven on earth. While breastfeeding was a novelty to me, I start to question if I am … alone … in this family. After a tiring day at work, my life does not pause. I need to carry out my role now as an Ummi to my son and a wife to my husband. I felt overwhelmed that at times, I became selfish – always thinking I am doing more than him. My husband on the other hand, is a direct opposite of me (yes! opposites do attract! :P) While I complain incessantly, he will always keep his cool and let me see things only after I have calmed down. Often than not, I always overlooked the details that he does around the house. While my main role is to keep my little boy happy and well-fed, he does everything else around the house from cleaning to laundry. Not forgetting having to forego his mornings everyday just so to ferry our son to my mom’s place despite not having to work that morning. But often, I forgot to be grateful that I have clean underwear everyday because he does the laundry every other day without a single complain. Our house does not turned into a hair salon (I had a severe hair fall at one period of time) because he would vacuum the floors every single time. He gives random hugs & kisses just so my day becomes better. He never frowns or leashed out a complain after a tiring day at work. In fact, he offers me a smile all the time.  Thank you my husband. For being more than wonderful and the selfless you.

We might not have the luxury of our late night dates, random suppers or weekend couple staycations anymore but one thing for sure, we have become wiser and our relationship has grown ten-folds with all the arguments that we had in between. 3 holds a special place in our hearts this year cos not only that we have been married for 3 years under the same roof, we have an additional member that makes us a family. The member whom we love very much and one that will always be a part of our plans.

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We did have a lot of work to do. But we rolled up our sleeves and pushed ahead. We had our secret. We’d seen our need to look at one another’s overall character – rather than the flaws. We’ve learned to pull together. It didn’t come easy. We’ve had some rough times. But the reward has been sweet. Our marriage isn’t newborn. It;s not unblemished or fresh. It hasn’t always been smooth. But I’m glad. i wouldn’t want a newborn marriage again. I’m happy for where we are. I’m happy for where we’ve been. There’s a lot of life along that rugged train. A husband who shows me he loves me with his hard work around the house and displaying his affections with a warm hug and a light kiss. But I also get to live with a bona fide character, a best friend who constantly surprises me, who makes me laugh like nobody’s business, and who honestly believes that affection is best shown by a well-timed heartfelt wedgie.
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