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Family Holiday #2

When my husband suggested we should do a short trip in September, I was surprised because we were already planning for December. He thought it will be a good break for me. We eventually settled on Langkawi as it was only 1hr 15min away by flight, 30min more than our previous trip to Penang which was quite a nightmare. 😀

It is not easy traveling with a kid although the memories are priceless.

Flight Our flight home from Penang gave a new experience for both of us as parents. It was only a 45min flight but that 45min felt like an eternity. So we decided that this flight should last no more than 2hrs. haha. Scaredy cats we are. We packed extra ‘goodies’ for him and we even brought along our Galaxy Tab and downloaded a few child-friendly videos  even though he is on a no-screen rule till he turns 3.

Destination We made sure that the resort we stayed in is on the ground floor and has a direct access to the beach. It was important because our little energizer bunny does not enjoy being confined to four walls so a standard hotel was not an option. Furthermore, he loves the beach! I love the beach too! My husband enjoys a no-shopping vacation. So choosing a beach vacation is a win for all of us.

Food While he is on a little-children-diet (whatever that is! lol), we had to make sure that he has sufficient food for the trip. We had to introduce him to cereals a few days prior to the trip because he has never had cereals before. He took it quite well, I thought. So we decided to pack cereals, rather than bringing the slow-cooker along for the trip. Boy, oh boy, he didn’t fancy his cereals nor his food jars during the trip. He even refused his oat bars, even though he enjoyed it at one of the parties in Julia Gabriel. His jar food was his favorite during our staycation so I was quite surprised he didn’t like it. He nursed more than usual during the trip but I was fine with it as long as he ‘eats’ something. Most likely, we will need to bring the slow-cooker along for the next trip.

Logistics We had so many unused clothes after the trip. We brought plenty for Umar Khalif – fearing for the what-ifs. Well, better be safe than sorry. We did another ergo-only holiday. No stroller. Let’s just say I told the husband I will think twice about the ergo-only rule for the next holiday. His weight has certainly increased within that few months. Either that or I have become such a weakling.

Umar Khalif is such a darling during this trip. He nursed and slept halfway into the flight.

Keeping watch over this lil bugger can be quite taxing although he is doing all the running.

We are here.

Can’t resist the temptation of iced-chocolate as I had been longing for one and did not get round to grabbing one in Singapore.

Spacious room for Umar Khalif to expend his energy. Even the toilet is spacious. The toilet is connected to a build in wardrobe so the room is pretty mess-free all the time.

Langkawi_Collage (7 of 30)

Spot the little energizer bunny.

Langkawi_Collage (29 of 30)

We ventured out minutes later in search of food. We found a mall which was approximate 2km away from our hotel. Days later, we ate at this roadside restaurant that sells totally tasty food. We went to the same restaurant for 2 days straight.

Langkawi_Collage (8 of 30)

Langkawi_Collage (10 of 30)

We hit the beach that very same evening. Frankly, I was a bit skeptical about the cleanliness of the beach before the trip. I was disappointed with the beach at Port Dickson although the resort we stayed in, Avillion Resort, was Wonderful which a capital W. The beach at PD was dirty and the beach was badly littered. The roads were badly lit and the journey to a nearest ‘warong’ is about 1km away. Anywayyy, Langkawi’s beach was totally different. It was litter-free, the water was bluish-green and it was bustling with sea-sports activities.

Langkawi_Collage (11 of 30)

Langkawi_Collage (12 of 30)

Langkawi_Collage (13 of 30)

Later that night, he resumed to his activity of pulling the telephone cords. 😀

Langkawi_Collage (14 of 30)

On the second day, we rented a cab and explored the popular tourists sites – Panorama Langkawi Skycab, Seven Wells Waterfall and Underwater World.

Frankly, I regretted my insistence to take this ride. The ride felt like it lasted forever. Not helping with a hyper baby in tow. HAHA

Langkawi_Collage (16 of 30)

I gave up carrying him in the ergo carrier when we went up the steep slope. Even going down was a torture. You would think that going down would be easier since gravity will help you down. Well, it was STILL hardwork. With the VERY steep slope, you had to balance yourself to prevent from falling over. So my hero did the ergo duty instead. 😀

The climb was worth it  because Umar Khalif got to see the amazing waterfall, watch monkeys stealing food and of course, had water-play.

We had our late lunch at my favorite bakery – The Loaf @ Yacht Club.

Langkawi_Collage (20 of 30)

Our last stop was Underwater World. It was the main highlight of the trip for Umar Khalif. He couldn’t stop oh-ing and ah-ing throughout.

Langkawi_Collage (21 of 30)

The following day was for us to recuperate after a day of strenuous sight-seeing. We had breakfast at the resort itself and had some fun on the way back to our room.

The sun was already harsh in the morning and I just had a sumptuous breakfast. Carrying him was not an option so shadow play was perfect to make the walk back less painful. 😛

Headed for lunch after morning nap.

We hit the beach again on that evening.

Langkawi_Collage (24 of 30)

Langkawi_Collage (25 of 30)

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Langkawi_Collage (30 of 30)

Langkawi_Collage (27 of 30)


Time to head home and play does not end in Langkawi. The kinetic rain at the SIngapore Airport was mesmerizing!! The person who came up with the idea is a total genius!

Langkawi_Collage (28 of 30)

See ya!

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