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Juz Amma: Al-Qadr

“Whatever of good reaches you, is from Allah, but whaetever of evil befalls you, is from yourself.” [Quran 4:79]

We did Surah Al-Qadr during the month of Ramadhan. We started off with a treasure hunt. As I need to include both kids with a 3 year gap, I have to be mindful, especially to the younger one, that he gets to actively participate as well.

In this game, they are given clues to which hide a stack of words that makes up the whole of Surah Al-Qadr.

Since each ayah is color coded, Ali will be doing the color sorting in arabic. Umar will be assembling Surah Al-Qadr in sequence.

After a story telling on the significance of “The Night of Power”, we made a painting out of it.

The silver dots represented the many Angels (subhanaAllah) that descended on the night of power.

When I was growing up, I listened to so many renditions of the Laylatul-Qadr. While I knew the significance and special it is, it remained as mere facts in my memory.

Fast forward many years later, He gave me a purpose through my children. Alhamdulillah. I started reading up several commentaries on Surah Al-Qadr, only to realised how magical the night of power is. The facts that I once had turned into the most beautiful story I have ever read. SubhanaAllah.

The most fascinating thing about children is their ability to believe in anything. Their imagination is limitless with no boundaries. Through storytelling and their imagination, insyaAllah, I hope they are able to gather experiences and discover the world as well as getting acquainted about historical events and of people and places that they have never met or been to.

I wanted them to feel how magical and special The Night of Power is. After a few rounds of story telling and dramatisation, we ended our ‘journey’ with painting using cool colors. The silver and gold dotting represented the Angels and the Spirit that He specially send down during The Night of Power.

“Would that you knew what the Night of Power is! It is better than a thousand months. Hosts of angels and the Spirit [the Archangel Gabriel] are dispatched on that night by their Lord’s leave with decrees for all manner of purpose.” (97:2-4)

You may download word for word translation of Surah Ash-Shams here:

If you would like to share other activity ideas that you did with your little ones, leave us a comment! InsyaAllah, I can benefit from your sharing too! <3

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