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Kickstarting “Construction Site”

So I have decided to bid goodbye to my lazy bug and start on a new PlayTheme – Construction Site. I do not have all the materials ready for the theme but I am sure it will build up over time. At least, I am starting somewhere and that is what matters. Thursday, 01 May, was a public holiday. We had two options – bring him out on a public holiday where crowds are impossible to avoid OR plan a series of activities for the day. I opted for the latter, of course, because I really hate crowds.

To make it more fun and exciting for him, I decided to invite his friends. It was really impromptu and unplanned because I had only two days to make it ‘work’. I decided to make it simple and just add ideas as the playdate progressed.

At midnight just before the playdate, I realized I could DIY my own see-through tray. I had been looking out for a plastic, almost-flat tray for the light table.

We started out with snack time and freeplay. As the kids already knew each other, no introduction was necessary. They explored all the possible play areas that they could indulge themselves in. Then, we had a MAGIC BOX activity and our little builders, while closing their eyes, were to pick out an item from the MAGIC BOX. The kids were so adorable!!!

We had a storytelling session after they picked their construction vehicle from the Magic Box. I chose the book “Goodnight! Goodnight! Construction Site.” I was afraid that the rest of the kids would not enjoy the book as much as Umar. But, they did! The props were a good idea. As the story went, they seemed to develop a connection to the story with the toy in their hand.

Then, we had a short art activity. For this activity, I realized that I should have just used FOAM + GLUE + FOOD COLOURING. I have done it before but I forgot that water was not needed in the recipe. Water soaked the paper, causing it to tear easily.

We had snack time again and free play before the kids indulged in water play with buckets of ice, water beads, a wheelbarrow and lots of scoops and little buckets.

A great start to his PlayTheme definitely! 🙂 Now I have to plan out what to do next!

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