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Life Lessons

I have tried my very best to juggle work and life at home. Almost all of the time, I feel extremely tired the moment I reach home and I feel I have not done enough for my kids in terms of education. I have plans and ideas in my head but, well, they remain as that; plans and ideas. Nothing more.

However, yesterday, my soon-to-turn-4 son taught me a beautiful lesson while he scribbled on a panel of his new bed. We had actually painted some panels of his new bed with chalkboard paint. His scribbling was nothing unusual as I sat beside him and watched him.

Then I spontaneously asked him if he can show me how he writes his name. He proceeded to scribble. I commented how nice it was and prompt him further.

“Ok. Why don’t you show me the letters to your name?”

“Let’s start with a U.”

He started writing and it DID look like the letter U. I was getting excited.

“Next, will be M.”

And he did. Next, he wrote A and R. All the letters took shape. 

Top picture: His typical scribble of his name. Bottom picture: the letters actually took shape. 

I know peers of his age who already know how to write all the letters of the alphabets. Probably essays too. 😛

But that is not the point.

I have not started him on any writing exercises. AT. ALL.

I was too caught up with lesson planning in my head and forever wallowing in my inaction that I fail to realise that he is learning through observation. Probably while reading and looking at prints everywhere and anywhere.

Top picture: Can you spot arabic letter “ج”? It’s vertically inverted. I wasn’t aware what he was writing until he said “ummi, look! ج! Bottom picture: That is apparenty the arabic letter “خ”. This time, it is horizontally inverted. LOL.

Did I correct him? I wasn’t sure if I should disrupt him. Eventually, I let him be in his own elements. He seems to be enjoying all the scribbling. 🙂

I seriously need to stop worrying because he can definitely do a lot of things that I am too busy right now to teach. Slowly but surely, InsyaAllah.

Continue to surprise me Umar and Ali.

(There should be) relaxation for the children after study When the guardian allows them to play For it is beloved to the child And through it, his heart becomes sweet Too much teaching kills the heart Causing sharpness and some of the intellect to be lost Thus they seek a means of escape To save them from teaching or find an excuse Educating Children Classical Advice for Modern Times
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