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Get $10 credits off your first purchase with red mart by using this link. 😉

We enjoy our groceries sessions very much but sometimes our working schedule clashes and we don’t have enough time to do groceries together.

There’s only so much groceries I can carry with Ali on my back and needing to watch over Umar on his scooter or bicycle. Even when I don’t have that many things to buy, standing in a queue can be VERY daunting with 2 kids. Ali enjoys being wrapped on my back only when I am on the move but the moment I have to stand still, he will start squirming. Umar, though only 4, tries his best to be patient. Bless his kind heart.

We discovered Redmart during Eid when our kind and generous cousin, Mariam, who is an online shopper extraordinaire, introduced us to Redmart.  She even buys her television sets online! (not at Redmart though) When I first heard about Redmart, I did not think much about it but after hearing our cousin rave reviews of their products and services, we decided to give it a try and we have been hooked since.

Let me list down why Redmart is the way to go!

1 Redmart’s website is very easy to navigate and it even has an app. While I am in bed nursing my kids to sleep, I can shop on my smartphone at the same time.

2 Redmart lets me zoom in on every side of the packaging. Front, back, and even the sides of the package. I find it important to check out what a food product is made up of and, more often than not, I would also be looking for the Halal logo on the packaging.

3 Free delivery if you spend more than $50. You only need $30  off your first time purchases. 😉 If you sign up using the link above, you’ll get $10 off your purchase.

4 With inflation these days, you can easily spend $50 buying groceries. So instead of me queuing in line with a cranky baby and the prospect of losing my arms while lugging everything home, what better way than to have them send to me for FREE right at my doorstop and I can spend time with my kids at home or the playground.

5 I can keep tab on my spending. It is so easy to overspend when you are out grocery shopping. With Redmart, I am aware how much I am spending on as I can easily take a look at the total amount in my shopping cart. Also, I can easily check how much I have spent in a month through past transactions in your profile.

You can view your past purchases so saves you time from searching for it all over again.

6 All our groceries came in perfect shape when delivered right to my doorstep. No packages were dented when they were delivered to me and all the chilled items came, well…., chilled.

7 They have promotions like other supermarkets do and prices are comparable to supermarkets such as NTUC or Giant. I have purchased diapers at promotion price a number of times and they are cheaper than your “brick and mortar” supermarkets. Best thing, you can get Redmart to send an alert when an item is on sale!

8 Delivery comes with discounts. There are delivery times that are unpopular such as weekday mornings. If you choose those delivery timeslots, you can get up to $3 off your purchase and if you allow them to send 2 hours before your preferred time, you will get an additional $1 off.

Lastly, discounts on your first purchase at Redmart. So fancy a $10 credit off on your first purchase? Use this link here to sign up and happy shopping!

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