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Science Playdate #2

It has been two weeks since I hosted the last Science Playdate. I could not wait to do another session as I had so much fun with the adorable bubs during the first session. This time, we explored the concept of “Hot and Cold“. Details can be found here.

I had yet another group of curious participants who were eager to explore with their mommies after each round of presentation.

My adorable all-boys participants & one forever-enthusiastic student, Asha (not in picture but you’ll see her in the other photos below because all photos are from her mommy. Thanks Mommy Aida!!!)

We had a warm up activity where each kid was presented with a personalized nametag as well as being greeted by their other friends with “Assalamuailakum” (May peace be upon you). Next, we had a brief introduction to the theme we were doing using my DIY Magic BOX.

I am very pleased with my MAGIC BOX which is made from a normal Lipton Tea Box that my dad gave to Umar. I painted it black and used my collection of Daiso & Qoo10 fabric tapes on it. (I knew the fabric tapes will come in handy some day!!) 😛

Magic Box Pre-acitivty Hand Boilers 

Our first activity was MAGIC! Art Attack!

MAGIC! Art Attack!

Ingredients: Lemon Juice Paint Brushes Craft Paper Pre-heated oven

This is equivalent to the Invisible Ink concept. Usually, they will use a candle or an iron to allow the lemon juice “ink” to reappear with the hidden message. As I was conducting for group of 2-4 years old, the last thing I wanted was a kid with second-degree burn or a burning house. I opted to use a hair dryer but that did not work as it could not produce enough heat.

But as I walked into the kitchen, I thought, “Hey, why not the oven?” and yes, it worked!

Science Concept: The lemon juice contains carbon compounds. It has no color when dissolved in water. However, upon heating, the carbon compounds goes through combustion and turns black so soot is produced.

Second activity was The Volcano Erupts. This was different from Science Playdate #1.

The Volcano Erupts

Ingredients: Hot water (Adult supervision is required) A tub of cold water (which I had left overnight in the fridge)A small glass bottle (small enough to fully submerged into the tub of cold water) Food coloring (to observe the diffusion of the hot water)

In this experiment, you fill the small glass bottle with hot water and add a few drops of coloring of your choice. After which, you tie a string at the neck of the bottle and slowly immerse the small bottle into the tub of cold water.

Science Concept: The water molecules in the hot water has higher energy than the water molecules in the cold water. Thus, the water molecules diffused faster into the cold water, giving the effect of a colored “smoke” from an erupting volcano.

After “The Volcano Erupts”, we proceeded with the most awaited activity – Snack Time and Free Play!!!

After SNACK time and FREE Play, we cleaned up and began with two other activities – Puff! Puff! Paint and Water Beads Run.

Puff! Puff! Paint

Ingredients: 2 cups flour 2 tsp of salt 2 tsp of baking powder water (Make it into a pancake batter and divide into portions. After that, add your desired color to each portion) Pre-heated oven

Science Concept: As baking soda contains a carbonate (NaHCO3), it is slightly acidic. Upon contact in water, it releases carbon dioxide gas. The trapped carbon dioxide gas causes the mixture to rise (or “puff up”) upon heating.

Water Beads Run

Ingredients: Water beads (Frozen and Unfrozen) Paint Tray Craft Paper

This is equivalent to a marble run, except that I was using frozen water beads. I was surprised that the water beads shrunk in size when frozen. Upon much googling, I realized, freezing water beads destroy its chemical properties. During the activity, I let the kids choose between unfrozen and frozen waterbeads.

RIght after, we had endless snack time and free play as the mommies chatted and the kids ran free. It was a long day for me but I can’t thank Allah enough for Umar’s patience as he waited for me to clean up all the apparatus, the kitchen and his play area after his dinner.

I took almost 3 hours with my darling Umar rummaging drawers after drawers but with little mess actually.

Science Playdate #3 is coming up and that will be my last before I welcome a new addition into the family. Can’t wait for both!

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