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Singapore Garden Festival

When my husband told me that the Singapore Garden Festival was to be held in one of the convention halls at Suntec City, I was sceptical about it. I imagined rows and rows of booths selling flowers and wondered if it will appeal to my active son.

The day came for us to visit the festival and I tried my best to brush whatever preconceptions I had. Lo and behold, upon reaching Level 6 of Suntec City, I was immediately awed by the the array of decorations that they had put up to welcome visitors. I felt I was in a magical world – Harry Potter world. (Ok, enough of Harry Potter already!)

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The area outside the exhibition was already ah-mazing, the exhibition itself was astoundingly magnificent! But everywhere we went, we were more concerned if Umar Khalif enjoyed it as much as we do. At first, he was strapped in a stroller and pretty soon, he got restless. Once we had explored the area, we put his shoes on for him and allowed him to explore. He especially loved the balloons display and attempted to bring the barricades down so I had to whisk him away before I am whisked by the security officers instead. 😛

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Elegant aren’t they?

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Ahhh… a family photo. Thanks Mummy Aida!

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He kept dipping his hand in the water feature at one of the displays. I had to pull him away else his fingers might freeze.

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Break time for Umar Khalif

Afterwhich, we had the pleasure of having late lunch with a friend. Boy, it was totally a pleasant experience especially for Umar. He is now very aware of the little people whom he can call “Friends”. Luckily enough, we brought along kiwis and bananas, besides his biscuits. He finished them all. I suppose having a “friend” around during meal times increases one’s apetite by tenfolds. We were equally happy as we got to enjoy our mealtime too! A happy baby makes a happy family. 🙂

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The babies were definitely the highlight during our meal. They kept us chuckling over their silly antics. They were pretty synchronized too in their actions. It was as though they talked to each other in their own baby language.

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