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‘Sometimes’ is OK

The past week, we had been visiting malls more often than I would like. There’s always a valid reason to hit the malls – groceries, electronic appliances or breakfast at kids-friendly spaces. I do not find anything wrong with malls. I just hate the idea that I am instilling the kids with the thought that we have excessive purchasing power when we are just buying the necessities.

I was lamenting to my hubby how we should restart what we did last time. I even exaggerated that it has been a looooong while since we brought the kids to the park. My husband tried to rationalise that we DID gave them outdoor time every day. He even went to the extent to recalling the days, time and places we went. Granted, he was right. We did have outdoor. It’s just not a big park. 😀

Last week, after their waterplay, we decided to trawl the mall while waiting for my hubby’s meeting to end. Umar decided to go the bookshop. Well, I thought it was a good idea because he seems to think it is the library. I decided to treat him to a book he might like but he had to queue on his own and pay for it.

While he queued, I watched him and gave him my megawatt smile every time he looked at me. I could see that this “exercise” was nerve-wrecking for him. I could understand. First times are always the worst. He attempted to fall out of the queue once in a while but I constantly reminded him that he needs to pay before he can bring the book out. I guided him with the things he needed to say when he reached the cashier.

For a first time, he did extremely well. I was just a bit disappointed that the cashier did not acknowledge Umar as his customer but instead asked me questions such as “Do you need a plastic bag?” “Do you have a member card?” It was a great lesson for me too. I could have asked the cashier to direct the questions to him.

Then it hit me that these lessons cannot be found in the park. Lesson opportunities are everywhere. We simply have to make room for it.

“Give yourself a pat on the back dear. You are not a terrible parent. We had errands to do.” – my dear hubby said. 😀

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