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STEAM Workshop : Be Electrified!

Alhamdulillah! We completed our first STEAM workshop – Be Electrified!

Our workshops, insyaAllah, will always include a theory lesson for the start to build a foundation. I believe this will help in their understanding with the STEAM lessons that follow up after. InsyaAllah, it will promote them to be thinkers and question more.

In the 8 weeks that it was run, we did not only learn about Science. One of our main objective is to serve others. Some of the things they did were writing postcards for their moms, making cards for their dads and presenting about themselves to their friends. They had an opportunity to showcase their projects and let their friends visit their ‘booth’.

Now that it is all over, I shall share with you pictures throughout the 8 weeks spent.

Here are some reviews from the participants (and parents) too!

“Nuri enjoyed the sessions and it has sparked her interest in learning more about how stuff works!” “Very well planned and elaborate set-ups. Awesome lessons.”

“Great and affordable programme. I like it that it’s close to home as distance is definitely a huge factor for me. Thank you for introducing the world of electricity in such a fun and engaging manner.”

“Excellent sessions! We hope there will be more classes with new topics to explore in future 👍🏻👍🏻“

“More of these pleasseeee.”

Last but not least, I am most in gratitude to Him for making it possible for all of us that has been a part of this workshop and may it only brings goodness to our lives, insyaAllah.

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