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STEAM Workshop: Bricks and Science

To register for the workshop, click here:

To purchase for the DIY kit, click here:

Do you enjoy playing with lego bricks and have a passion in Science? If you are, this STEAM workshop is for you!

In this workshop the different types of energy around us and the two main principles that centers around energy.

WEEKLY 1+3 STEAM lessons

Our workshop will include one theory lesson that is fun and interactive. without being content heavy. It will be followed 3 STEAM lessons that will be open-ended and promotes practice-based learning with a child-centered learning environment.


While learning Science is one of the objectives, our highest priority is to provide opportunities that fosters the love and challenge  of learning while promoting and teaching good character values.


Classes will be held in the comfort of my home at Tampines (exact address will be informed once payment and confirmation has been made).


While the targetted audience is 7 years and up, MasyaAllah, we had participants as young as 5 years old in our previous STEAM workshop – Be Electrifying. You know your child best! If you think he is ready and will enjoy it, hop on over!


When we launched our previous STEAM workshop, many were unable to commit due to date, time and/or location. Thus, we decided to make it easy for you!

If date, time and/or location is a factor for you OR you just prefer to DIY, well, this is for YOU!

You may purchase the DIY kit of the workshop and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

It will include:

  1. all the materials that you will need to carry out the experiments

  2. online materials in a password protected blog entry

Price of the DIY kit is $50.

DIY kits will only be posted out on 06 August 2018 through normal mail.

To register for the workshop, click here:

To purchase for the DIY kit, click here:

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