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Umar Khalif’s FIRST

Umar Khalif’s first was just the way I envisioned from the start. A homely party with minimal decoration. A day for my baby to be happy – not cranky – in his most comfortable environment, his home. Not forgetting, surrounded by his loved ones. I couldn’t decide what cake to buy although I had set out on a particular cake, I was not sure if it’s appropriate. My sister kept bugging me for a theme a week prior to his birthday. I said, “I do not know. Why don’t you help me think of one?” Lo and behold, after the Harry Potter exhibition, I was struck by a fantastic idea. Harry Potter themed – red, blue, green and yellow. Red resembles Gryffindor and blue will be Ravenclaw. While green will be Slytherin, yellow will be Hufflepuff. That was… hmmm… a couple of days before the event itself. I wasn’t that worried because where I lived, there’s a super duper mart that has a party supply shop. We shopped on the morning of the party buying helium-filled balloons, a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner, my witch hat, some party hats and party masks. How glad I was to find a perfect outfit for his birthday just after my shower. A dress which I bought years ago but never bothered to try. Well, let’s just say it is suitable as a witch’s dress. Umar Khalif did his usual morning routine – our family breakfast, a walk around the park and messing up his play area. A bath and a feed later, he fell asleep. How nice! Just enough time to do up his deco and wrapped up game prizes.

Umar_first (14 of 28)

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My parents were the first to arrived with two pots of awesome curries (yes, we ♥ our curry! :P) – mutton and chicken and colorful roti kirai to match with my color theme. LOL. Thanks Mak for making it happen.

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Birthday-presents-giving time by the early birdies with my baby all dressed up in his birthday attire for the day. 😀

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My nieces are the only actual party attendees whom I have prepared games for. From the looks on their faces, they had lots of fun.

Umar_first (21 of 28)

Umar_first (22 of 28)

Umar Khalif spent most time observing ‘people’, walking around the house, took a sip or two from his cousins’ water-bottles and just being himself.

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Umar_first (12 of 28)

Chillaxing just before bubble blowing competition. 😛

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Of course, cake-cutting ritual brought to you by Chocolate Origin. The cake is kick-ass. There are still some in the fridge. Just the mere thought of it, makes me wanna have a slice of it – make it a BIG slice of it.

Umar_first (23 of 28)

Photo-taking followed closely in the itinerary.

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A picture says a thousand words but memories, they last for a lifetime.

Happy FIRST my baby!

Post-party syndrome.

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