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We are going to the …

We are going to the zoo zoo zoo!
How about you, you, you?
You can come too, too, too!
Let’s go to the zoo, zoo, zoo!

On our maiden trip to the zoo, we were welcomed with a heavy downpour immediately after we loaned a red wagon for Umar. We did not even manage to pass the parrots display that was just after the entrance. Though, we tried to wait for the rain to stop, it got heavier instead. Furthermore, it was getting late as we started the day at 2pm. I was disappointed for Umar Khalif. So we decided to come back the following week, this time we started our day way earlier – at 9am. At least, if there was a downpour, we had all the time to wait it out. 😉

The night before our zoo trip, I ran through my list of things to bring again and packed our bag.

These are two of his favorite books I had to bring along. One of the books, Moo, Baa, La! La! La!, was for me to read to him while on the way to the zoo and the other, Dear Zoo, is for him to relate the pictures in the book with the animals in the zoo. Not forgetting his animal toys that I got at a cheap bargain 😀

Umar got excited even before we reached the zoo. He was happily ooohing and aahhing when he saw a hee-yuge zoo poster as we filtered into the zoo driveway.

Umar Khalif meets Ilhan Hadi in each other’s rides.

 We decided to go without the wagon, knowing that he would either walk or cling on to me. Singapore Zoo has indeed changed since the last time I visited it. I could not recall seeing a water feature just after the gift shop. The water feature is really beautiful!

We could see the look of amazement on him as he watched the animals. It sure made the characters in the books that he had been reading come to live! I mean, how could he have imagined a giraffe to be SOOOOO tall when reading his books and playing with his miniature giraffe toy?

He took naps in between our stroll in the zoo so that allowed us to take breaks too and sink our teeth into the oh-so-delicious roti boyan lovingly fried by our friend who came along for the zoo adventure. 🙂

After all that animal watching in the sweltering hot sun we decided to cap it off by letting Umar play at their KidzWorld – Wet Play Area. This was certainly the highlight of the trip for Umar. Well, you’ll see from the pictures that Umar was simply beaming with so much joy while at the wet play area.

Collage_zoo (8 of 11)

Collage_zoo (9 of 11)

Collage_zoo (11 of 11)

It really tickles me when the bell rings and everybody starts to crowd around below the huge pail to await a big splash.

It was so fun for Umar that he ran to the play area even after we changed him to his dry clothes.

I Ergo-ed him and immediately after he nursed, he fell asleep. see?

It was truly an enjoyable trip for all of us and yes, we foresee more trips to the zoo in the months to come. 😉

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