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Wrap review (& giveaway) : Little Frog – Turqoise Cube (Sponsored Post)

Shortly after I wrote an entry on Babywearing with Wraps, Janna from Jars of Fluff contacted me. She wanted me to review two of her wraps and I could choose which two. (Yes, my choice!) I was way beyond thrilled, of course! I do not want to rush my reviews as it takes a couple of wearing and testing before I can say how I really feel about the wrap. The first wrap I reviewed was Little Frog – Turqoise Cube.

Notice the sheen on this wrap! 

My First Impressions

I was attracted to the colour. Well, who doesn’t like turquoise? And, it is similar to the soothing colour of Tiffany Blue. It reminds me of the ocean actually. The colour can evoke calmness and gentleness a midst all the chaos a mother faces at home.

Yes, nothing can go wrong with this lovely color. 

Based on experience with some machine woven wraps, I was expecting this wrap to be stiff, a little “carboard-y” . However, I was proven wrong at the first touch. As I glide my fingers across the wrap, it felt smooth, unlike the more textured 100% cotton machine woven wraps I used to have.  This saves me from having to literally sleep on it, thread it or work on it to make it softer.

The weave of the Little Frog – Turqoise Cube is beautiful. It is woven to perfection in a Jacquard weave. I have a tendency to check all my wraps for pulls or snubs the moment it arrives. This wrap is perfectly woven.

I was disappointed to find the selvedges hemmed but then again, all the machine wovens that I have tried have hemmed selvedges and this one came extremely NEAT. There is nothing wrong with hemmed selvedges but i wondered if it will cause making passes difficult but that will have to wait until I put it to a test.

Wash and Care

ALL new wraps come in loom state or simply put, never been washed before. So, to set the threads, it is highly encouraged to wash the wrap first. Wearing a wrap in loom state may result in thread shifting. Thread shifting can compromise the safety of the wrap and ultimately, decrease its resale value.

Since it is 100% cotton, caring for the wrap was easy. I threw it in a laundry bag, ran it in a washing machine on gentle cycle, spin to dry and it was good to go. And of course, I put in a bit of kids’ laundry detergent while I was at it. :p I am using Baby ECOS if any one is wondering what I use to wash my wraps.

Once it’s dry, the wrap was ready for wearing. Not much breaking in was required. I cannot imagine how great it will be once it is fully broken in because it already feels soft and floppy.

A picture representation of before (top) and after (bottom) wash.  See how a wash is important in creating a fluffy wrap? 🙂

Putting it to a test


Let me introduce you to my 1 year 4 month old toddler who is weighing roughly 15 kg right this second. I must confess that I am VERY picky with the wraps I use to wear him for different occasions – grocery shopping alone / or with husband, sending and fetching the firstborn, park / playground visiting or long evening walks. I need a wrap that does not sag easily and not diggy to my picky shoulders. I also need a wrap that puts itself in place and doesn’t require me to stop every 20 minutes to adjust the rails.

At first touch, the Little Frog – Turqoise Cube feels thin. I was worried that this wrap was not what I was wanted. I brought it out for a trip to a water playground, then we walked and explored the area near the water playground. On the second day, I brought it out for grocery shopping when I was alone with my toddler and pre-schooler. I also tested it out in various carries – FWCC, Ruck, Double Hammock in various finishes.

Look how easily deep a seat it creates for back carries. The knees has to be higher than the bum so the weight is on their bottom. 

So here is my verdict of the wrap.

Although it is thin, it is far from being diggy. It provides the ample cush on my shoulders that I need in a wrap. I was quite surprised that although the selvedges were hemmed, making passes were breezy. I was able to wrap faster than I thought. However, due to the nature of the wrap, it is a bit slippery and doesn’t grip that well. So finishes that doesn’t require tying knots doesn’t work well with my shoudlers. With knot finishes, I needed to tie the knot twice to ensure that the knot stays in place. However, it is not the end of the world because didn’t I mention that the wrap is thin? And that works to its advantage. My double knots doesn’t look bulky or unsightly. In fact, it looks just the right size for petite me.

The wrap shines a little so going to the grocers makes you a little more glam than usual. It is definitely an eye catcher. With not many varying colours on it, this is the wrap I will pick if I need to go to formal functions. Simple yet elegant and stunning. (You do not want the wrap to outshine your outfit during a sit down dinner. #justsaying :p)

Yes, the wrap does shines! This wrap will go perfectly with your LBD. 😉

Random photo. LOL

Wearing my toddler in this forever humid and hot weather can be quite a workout. Even when I am not wearing him, I will perspire. But the fact that the wrap is 100% cotton, it has great absorbency and is cooling to the skin. Also the jacquard weave makes it airy and breathable. Both my toddler and I did not feel stuffy throughout the time we were “together”.


Thanks to a sweet friend who trusted me to wrap her newborn, I even had the opportunity to try the Little Frog – Turqoise Cube on a newborn.  :p I must have looked convincing enough. 😀

For newborns, mouldable and soft wraps are highly encouraged. Also, as we want to provide utmost comfort for the baby, it is preferable that the wrap is thin and airy.

This wrap is perfect for newborns. It is not only mouldable and soft, it is floppy as well. As the newborn is relatively small, cute, lightweight and oh-so-charming, I did not need a double knot to secure. For small babies, the wrap can grip in place with a single knot. The wraps were like feathers on my shoulders and with a newborn, the wrap felt almost non-existent.


Little Frog – Turqoise Cube is a great starter wrap that will definitely last beyond a year of wearing. With an investment $125, you get a thin, airy and cooling wrap in a size 6. I certainly think this is a worthy investment for a workhorse carrier.

So, Ali agrees that this wrap is for YOU! But WAIT A MINUTE!!! READ ON… 😀

So what is better than this review? It’s SEPTEMBER and it is JARSOFFLUFF BIRTHDAY!!! What does that mean, you might ask? It means JARSOFFLUFF  is having a DISCOUNT on different brands EACH WEEK. Psst… Didymos is my favourite brand too! 😉

This is an awesome time to get a gift for your friends who is is going to pop or just pop or simply clueless about baby wearing and wish to start! 

What else is exciting?

There is a Fluffy Accessory to be won! OMG!!!

All you have to do is to either share this post via Instagram or Facebook and fill out this GIVEAWAY**!

**Contest is open for Singapore Residents only.

**Winners will be notified via email in two weeks time! Please be patient with me as I have two kids + a husband to look after on normal days. 🙂


Photo credits: Spacefifty

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