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Wrap review : Little Frog Fluorite

TWO surprises coming your way at the end of this post (because November is Janna’s (from JarsofFluff) and my birthday! So that’s reason to celebrate and be merry! 😉

The wrap that I am reviewing is a different blend from the one I reviewed recently. It is a machine woven wrap with a linen weft in a broken twill weft. I have always enjoyed handwoven linen blends but i have always wondered how a machine woven one is.

The wrap is called Little Frog Fluorite and it is exploding with vibrant colours that are most suited for someone with a bubbly personality and likes lots of colors in their life. It matches with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you wear and the colors will make any dull days exciting. It is woven with a cotton warp and linen weft in broken twill, one of my favourite twill. Broken twill is not densely woven, allowing the wrap to be airy in hot and humid Singapore.

My first Impressions

It feels thinner than the Little Frog – Turqoise Cube (LFTC), almost thin like a canvas and is soft and amazingly floppy. While LFTC is like a blanket, the Little Frog Fluorite does not have that feel because of the linen weft. It is also drier to the touch compared to LFTC. Imagine running your fingers through through fine sand. Smooth but dry. Now, imagine running your fingers through foam balls. Smoother and doesn’t exude the dry feeling. The weaving is immaculate and perfect with neat hemmed selvedges. Knowing that the hemmed selvedges in LFTC makes passes pretty easily, I was not too affected by this. In fact, I embraced it wholeheartedly this time. <3

Wash and Care

Linen is a very easy blend to care for. Just follow these simple tips:

  1. Wash with gentle liquid detergent. Preferably the liquid detergent you use to wash your children’s clothes. No optical brighteners as it might cause discolourations or spots.

  2. Washing machine to be on a low and gentle cycle.

  3. Tumble dry on the lowest option possible.

  4. Air dry it slightly.

  5. Iron when it is slightly damp as it prevents the linen fibres in the wrap from stiffening.

  6. Steam iron to prevent perma-creasing.

Putting it to a test

I am excited to test drive the Little Frog Fluorite because linen can hold anything effortlessly while being kind to the shoulder. I tested it with my forever-willing 4 year old in a front carry no less and it lived up to its reputation. There was no cush factor on my shoulders but that does not mean it is diggy. Also, the wrap on my shoulders feels thin and it is as light as a feather. It’s thinner than LFTC and the knot is very small that having a double knot to secure your wrap job does not make it unsightly at all. Wearing my 15 kg toddler proved to be effortless.

This wrap is SUPERB for beginners especially with the colored rails. You will know where to tighten should you find a slack in your wrapping job.  Example: If i find the blue rail on his back is loose, all I need to do is to find the blue rail and pull to tighten. 😉

I love how weightless and fuss-free it is when carrying my childer in FWCC. My favourite carry is DH because of the kid’s size but I seem to enjoy FWCC in this wrap because it holds. It also shows the happy, pastel rainbow colors very well. Sorry, can’t help it that I love to flaunt my wraps. 😛

Yes, weightless. 

I did not try with a squish for this but I am imagining this will be divine once broken in. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend this for a newborn as I love my newborns to snuggle in something soft and blankety.


LFF is a great starter wrap if you have a squish baking in the oven and wearing a toddler actively at the same time because by the time your toddler has manage to break in this wrap, it will be soft and floppier for your younger one. This is the wrap to look for if your baby is growing faster than you can run because the linen weft is truly spectacular! While LFTC offers the support and the cush, I would go for LFF and disregard the absence of cush due to my two big babies that I wear. Wearing must be effortless and not weigh you down with the extra load front or back. Of course, the super duper happy colours are totally a win for me.

We might not agree (or look) on the same things, but rest assured, this wrap is something we both have in common. 😀

So now, the best part!!!


YES! This very wrap for you at the cost of shipping only ($10)! The cost will go to a courier service to safely ship the wrap to you.

All you need to do is:

 ** share this post on instagram or Facebook and

** answer a questionnaire through here. All the answers can be found in this entry or previous entry.

  1. BIRTHDAY MONTH DISCOUNT – onlychildsplay

Jars of Fluff has agreed to give a discount for my readers in the month of November (my birthday month! Yes yes yes!! :P). Jannah is seriously super duper awesome.

Key in code onlychildsplay upon checkout and you are entitled to a 10% discount on ALL purchases. This promo will only run to the end of Dec so what are you waiting for? End the year with a new sling or wrap from Jars of Fluff!

If you have any questions, you may email me at and I will be happy to chat. 😉

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